Digital Central Bullion Bars

 Digital Central Bullion Bars

This event is the official launch of the highly anticipated (Utility NFT) Gold 1 gram Digital Central Bullion Bars (Multi-shield design) which:

 Is part of a limited collection of 500. 

 Can be TRADED (purchased and sold) on NFT marktplaces.

 Can be EXCHANGED for 'Physical' Vaulted Bullion which can in turn can be Sold, Saved, Exchanged for other precious metal types, Gifted and Borrowed against, on

 Can be TRANSFERRED between owners.

 Are created with CAD (computer-aided-design) manufacturing software, to TRUE ACCURATE SCALE.

 Are presented as MP4 3D ANIMATED RENDERINGS for 360° viewing.

 Have a TRADABLE & INVESTMENT VALUE based on combination of factors such as the Precious etal Type, Weight, Prevailing Precious Metal Spot Price, Design, Aesthetics, Popularity, Rarity and Collectibility.

 Gives automatic Central Bullion Membership which includes use of all Central Bullion facilities, early notification of collection launches and inclusion of future givaway and reward benefits.